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Infused with over 10 years of experience and expertise in the air modeling industry, AKsport is a well-established brand.

There are 3 different sizes of the carrying bags. Choose the right one before ordering.


61*35*27cm(24.02" * 13.78" * 10.63" )

For Air Track Sized 2M/6.5FT, 3M/10FT, 4M/13FT


66*38*32cm ( 25.98" * 14.96" * 12.6" )

For Air Track Sized 5M/16FT, 6M/20FT, 7M/23FT, 8M/26FT

For Air Floor Sized 3M/10FT; 4M/13FT


109*43*32cm ( 42.91" * 16.93" * 12.6" )

For Air Track Sized 9M/30FT, 10M/33FT, 11M/36FT, 12M/40FT

For Air Floor Sized 5M/16FT; 6M/20FT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Air Track?

AKSPORT Air Track is an air filled gymnastics and tumbling mat for indoor and outdoor use. An Air Track resembles the flexible floor used in gymnastics and it can be used for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking and all kinds of jumps and flips. The Air Track softens the landing and allows for higher jumps. It reduces the noise from the bounce and the surface material prevents slippage.

How do I inflate the AirTrack?

The AK AirTrack is easy to inflate and deflate with the included electric pump. Just insert the hose to the valve and fill the AirTrack with the pump. Check if the pressure is correct by testing the mat with your hand. When the mat is filled up and the pressure is right, disconnect the pump and close the valve. Setting up and packing up take only a few minutes. The pump also allows individually adjustable air pressure on the mat.

How about the material?

AKSPORT inflatable gymnastic mat is made of 1000D(thicker&stronger) Filament Grade Double-Wall Material (also know as drop stitch material) and 0.9mm high-quality PVC tarpaulin, better air-tightness and durability since reinforcement are made for all seams. It's extremely safe when you using it because this mat is leak-free and it is no smell because high-grade material.

What accessories are coming with the AirTrack?

All of our AirTrack's includes powerful 600W or 1200W electric pump , carry bag, manual and repair kit! (Excluding Air Board, AirBlock, AirRoll, AirBeam)


After use, clean and dry the AirTracks surface. The AirTrack can be cleaned with water and soft soap. Do not use industrial cleaning products. When the surface is dry, start rolling from the bottom of the mat. Make sure the mat is completely dry before rolling. 
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